SEDRA – Contemporary Practical Lessons from the Parasha


SEDR-01 – Vayishlach

SEDR-02 – Vayeishev: Silent Power of Example

SEDR-03- Miketz – Livelihood:  How to Work?

SEDR-04 – Vayigash Yosef & Binyamin’s Antidote to Hatred

SEDR-05 – Vayechi – Till it Hurts:  Consider Others’ Feelings

SEDR-06 – Shemot – Greatness Comes from the Small Things

SEDR-07 – Va’era – Understanding Spiritual Geography

SEDR-08 – Beshalach – Relevance – Man’s Deepest Need

SEDR-09-Yitro:  Rise Above:  An Eagle, Not a Chicken

SEDR-10- Mishpatim: Empowerment of Jewish Pride

SEDR- 11 – Teruma:  Secret of Growth:  There is No Finish Line

SEDR-12- Zachor:  Combat Amalek:  Remember, Hashem’s Among Us

SEDR-13 – Ki Tisa:  Compassion Isn’t About You

SEDR-14- Vayakhel- Pikudei – Best Insurance:  Purity of Intent

SEDR-15- Vayikra:  To Hashem, Quality, Never Quantity

SEDR-16- Tzav – Mida = Measure – Controlling Your Traits

SEDR-17-Tazria-Metzora:  Leprosy’s Lesson – Look in the Mirror

SEDR-18- Emor:  Maintaining Spiritual Achievements

SEDR-19- Bamidbar & Shavuot:  Torah in All Times, All Places

SEDR-20- B’Haalotcha – Little Deeds, Big Rewards

SEDR-21- Shlach – Lesson of the Spies:  Be True to Yourself

SEDR-22-Chukat- 2 Sides to the Story of the Rock

SEDR-23- Balak:  Shmuel:  Bilaam & Balak’s Nightmare

SEDR-24- Pinchas – “But I’m Objective!”:  Talk it into Yourself

SEDR-25 – Shoftim – Mitzvot –Not for Us to Reason Why

SEDR-26 – Ki Tavo – Revolving Wheel of Fortune

SEDR-27-Nitzavim-Vayeilech:  You are Never Alone

SEDR-28 – Noach- Talmud Bavli –Lights in the Darkness of Exile

SEDR-29- Vayera:  It’s Never Over – Faith in All Situations

SEDR-30: Chaye Sara: Chain of Tradition- Our True Inheritance

SEDR-31- Toldot:  Effort-Hashem’s Measure of Success

SEDR-32 – Vayeitzei :  Round 2 – Rachel Rescues Yaakov