Donations:  Your tax deductible contribution helps support the Torah lectures of Rabbi Raccah.

Dedications for special occasions:  The dedication will be announced at the start of the lecture.  The minimum contribution is $50, and includes 1 copy of recording of dedicated class.

~For a Simcha such as Bat Mitzva, Bar Mitzva, or wedding, or in recognition of an achievement or individual.

~As a merit for a full recovery (Refua Shelema) for someone who is ill.

~To commemorate the Yahrzeit, and as merit for the soul of a loved one.


 To dedicate a class:

 Please email or call us (773-980-8213) at least one week before the date you wish to dedicate.  Please provide the following information:

 The date and type of event, the name(s) to be announced (Hebrew names, if known), the name of the sponsor, and the format you prefer of the recording .  If you contact us by phone, please provide a phone # where we can reach you.