About Us

About us

The Ner Foundation is a community organization whose mission it is to support the Torah scholarship and lectures of Chicago’s distinguished and beloved Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah. Many of us have had the privilege to learn from him during the 16 years his classes have been supported by the Ner Foundation.  In that period of time, Rabbi Raccah has delivered well over 1,000 lectures.  In addition to his regularly scheduled classes, we have made it possible for him to be available to the entire community when called upon.

This is a tax-deductible organization with no overhead.  100% of contributions support Torah scholarship; all administrative work is done by volunteers.

Major sources of funding are donations, lecture dedications, and sales of recorded lectures.

Donations and sponsorships – For details please click here for the Donations page. Lecture sponsors receive a recorded copy of the class.

Sales of past lectures –There are currently over 1,000 titles available, in MP3, CD, or audiotape formats. For currently available uploaded titles, please click here for the Store page.

For other titles, please contact us:


Phone:  773-980-8213

Ner Foundation

2947 West Touhy Ave.

Chicago, IL 60645