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RELATIONSHIPS & MIDDOT – See also the NOP Titles
SB01 Harmony in the Home – It Begins with You
SB02 Learning to Appreciate Differences
MIK Waters of the Mikvah- A Deeper Look
CHS The Need to Improve & Appreciate Chesed
CHS-P The Importance of Personalizing Chesed
SIMC How to Bring Happiness into Your Life
BSH Bashert: How to Recognize It
NOP12-14 Understanding G-d’s Definition of Peace – 3 tapes – $13.00
BN24 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Truth
BN25 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Spiritual Chameleon
BN26 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Jewish Thinking
BN27 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Arrogance
BN28 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Arrogance (cont.)
JLSY Jealousy
BN29 Building Your Spiritual Identity: Techniques to Overcome Arrogance
Ka’as The Torah View on Anger: Cause, Effect, & Strategies
SUC-06  Transform Disappointment Into Satisfaction

Israel & Current Events
PB95 Floods & Natural Disasters: Then & Now
SYMB A Chain of Twins- Understanding Today’s Struggle
TEF Chesed- Antidote to 9/11 / Every Prayer Counts
ISR The Geographic Soul of the Jewish People
Isr-L The Spiritual Meaning of Israel to the Jew

JHEW Mysticism- The Jew & His Effect on the World
MT–1 Issues in Theology & Mysticism
K–MT More Issues in Theology & Mysticism

The Soul & the Body
PhyS The Soul’s Obligation to the Body
MIK Waters of the Mikvah- A Deeper Look
REIN Here We Go Again: Basic Concepts of Reincarnation
NESH The Journey Home- What Happens to the Soul After Death

Dealing with Life’s Situations
Chos Free Choice: Man’s Greatest Gift & Greatest Danger
INSP-TM Finding Inspiration in an Uninspiring World
TEHL The Power of Tehillim- Unity
BLES The Parameters of Faith & Blessings
FAIT Faith: Emotional Antidote to Life’s Struggles
Ram G-d’s Eternity & His Timeless Torah
EMUN The Preeminence of the Sages’ Counsel
EXL Survival in Exile: The Selflessness of Yaakov
EXL01 Egypt, the Exiles, & the Result- Today’s Confusion
Vayish: Modern Lessons for Exile

HES – A Student Remembers R’ Ovadiah, ZT”L
SEPH Recent Luminaries of the Sephardic World
Seph-2 Yehuda & Yosef: Spiritual Source of Sephardim & Ashkenazim
YEM The Yemenite Community – A Short History

Maharal: His Life & Times

NEV Can a Prophet Make a Mistake in Prophecy? – 2 hrs.