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PB01   Truth & Creation of Man

PB02    6 Days of Creation – Time Map for the Future

PB03   Adam’s Sin & its Impact on History

PB04   Cain & Abel

PB05   Men or Heavenly Creatures?  Elijah and Chanoch

PB06   The Generations of Noah

PB07   Noah – The Message of the Ark

PB08   Shem & Yafet –Spirituality & the Arts; Partnership of Potential

PB09   Canaan –Morality & the Torah Attitude on Slavery

PB10   Traits Chosen by the Patriarchs & the Kabbalistic View of Creation

PB11   Patriarchs’ Character Traits & How They Are Part of Each of Us

PB12   The Unique Personality of Abraham

PB13   The Relationship of Sarah & Abraham:  A Dichotomy of Personality Types

PB14   Lot’s Contradictory Nature:  His Struggle Between Materialism & Kindness

PB15   Haggar the Egyptian – From Princess to Maidservant to Wife of Abraham

PB16   Haggar:  Great Potential Unrealized

PB17   Nimrod:  Exploiter of the Weaknesses of Man

PB18   Efron the Hitite: The Message of 400

PB19   The Transmigration of Yishmael Through the Ages

PB20    Yitzchak:  What is there to Laugh About?

PB21    Yitzchak:  The Payoff of Struggle

PB22    Yitzchak:  A Tale of Two Souls

PB23    The Rehabilitation of Eliezer

PB24    Yitzchok & the “Field” of Prayer   

PB25    Yaakov & Esav:  A Failed Partnership

PB26    Yaakov, Rivka, & Esav:  Garden of Eden, Scene 2

PB27    Rivka- Mother of Silence

PB28    The Camel- Symbol of Confusion in the Story of Rivka

PB29    Esav Sells His Birthright and “Becomes Nimrod”

PB30    Yitzchok’s Travels:  Spiritual Trailblazing

PB31     Wives 0r “Sisters” ?  Patriarchs Elevate Relationships

PB32    The Power of Yitzchok’s Influence on Geror

PB33    The Wells of Yitzchok:  Tap into Your Own Spirituality

PB34    The Wells of Yitzchok:  Their Contemporary Significance

PB35    Yitzchok’s Blessings:  Two Sons – Two Worlds

PB36    Esav’s Potential and the Oral Law Within Us

PB37    Yitzchok’s Blessings:  The Antidote to Adam’ Curses

PB38    The Esav-Yishmael Alliance & its Current Relevance – Part 1

PB39    The Esav-Yishmael Alliance & its Current Relevance –Part 2

PB40    The Esav-Yishmael Alliance & its Current Relevance-Part 3

PB 41    Perspectives- The Alliance & its Current Impact

PB42     Yaakov’s City of Refuge

PB43     Yaakov’s 14 Yrs. of Study- Long Term Effects

PB44     Yaakov’s Departure from Beersheba – Modern Day Lessons

PB45     Yaakov’s Exile:  Doing Double Duty

PB46     The Stones of Yaakov:  The Secrets of Redemption

PB47    The Encounter of G-d & Yaakov at the “Place”

PB48    Prayer for All Time- Our “Fathers”  Institute Prayer –Part 1

PB49    Prayer for All Time- Our “Fathers”  Institute Prayer –Part 2

PB50    The “Voluntary” Nature of Yaakov’s Prayer

PB51    The Daily Ramifications of Yaakov’s Ladder

PB52    Love and Fear: Antidotes to Exiles and Troubles

PB53    The 4 Exiles: The Rungs of Yaakov’s Ladder (Part 1)

PB54    The 4 Exiles: The Rungs of Yaakov’s Ladder (Part 2)

PB55    Yaakov’s Jar of Oil: Catalyst for the Return to Eden

PB56    Yaakov’s Vow- Our Role in the Dynamics of Blessing

PB57     “Luz”- Symbol of Yaakov’s Potential & Realization

PB58     “Luz”- Symbol of Yaakov’s Truth & Purpose

PB59     Return to Jerusalem:  The Secret of Yaakov’s Well

PB60     Erev Rav, Part 1 – Yaakov’s Gift of Unity

PB61     Erev Rav, Part 2 – The Golden Calf:  Infectious Brazenness

PB62     Erev Rav, Part 3 – The “Scorpions” of Sinai

PB63     Erev Rav, Part 4 – Strangers In Our Midst

PB64     Erev Rav, Part 5 – Know Your Place in the “End” Game

PB65     Torah Connects The Wells of Yaakov & Moshe (Part 1)

PB66     Torah Connects The Wells of Yaakov & Moshe (Part 2)

PB67     Torah Connects The Wells of Yaakov & Moshe (Part 3)

PB68    The Well of Yaakov – The Power of Jewish Reception        

PB69    Yaakov’s Well in Esav’s Field – The Secret of Our Exile

PB70    Yaakov’s Well on Mt. Sinai – Actualizing Potential

PB71    Torah in Exile – Crushing Physicality

PB72    The Messianic Threads in Tribe of Dan

PB73    Sirayah:  Mashiach Ben Yosef’s Co-adjutant

PB74    Esav’s Brotherly Relationship with Yaakov  (Part 1)

PB75    Esav’s Brotherly Relationship with Yaakov  (Part 2)

PB76    Esav & the Canine Connection (Part 1)

PB77    Esav & the Canine Connection (Part 2)

PB78    Amalek:  Dogs & Snakes

PB79    Esav & the Canine Connection (Part 3)

PB80    Esav & the Canine Connection (Part 4)

PB81    King David- The Antidote to the Canine Connection (Part 1)

PB82    King David- The Antidote to the Canine Connection (Part 2)

PB83    King David- The Antidote to the Canine Connection (Part 3)

PB84    Rushing & Retreating:  Spiritual Dynamics 101

PB85    The Pervasive Harmony of Balance

PB86    Kayin:  How the Letter “Kuf” Will Lose its “Leg”

PB87    Kayin & Hevel:  Beginning Many Difficult Returns

PB88    Kayin & Hevel:  Moshe & Yitro Redress (Part 1)     

PB89    Kayin & Hevel:  Moshe & Yitro Redress (Part 2)

PB90    Kayin & Hevel:  Moshe & Yitro Redress (Part 3)

PB91    Kayin & Hevel:  The Bilaam & Balak Apparition (Part 1)

PB92    Kayin & Hevel:  The Bilaam & Balak Apparition (Part 2)

PB93    Noah:  The Hope of Transforming Potential

PB94    The Generation of the Flood- Ruin of the G-dly Image

PB95    Floods & Natural Disasters Then & Now

PB96    The Male-Female Paradigm:  Universal Lesson of Holiness

PB97    Noah As Generational Shepherd – A Lesson in Self- Awareness        

PB98    Joseph: 1st Step in the Transmigration of Noah

PB99    From the Flood to Egypt- A Study in Generational Correction

PB100  Moshe:  Noah Transmigrated

PB101  Moshe:  Transmigratory Correction for Noah’s Deeds          

PB102  The Wider Paradigm of Noah’s Raven & Dove

  PB103  Understanding the Noahide Account from a Spiriual Dimension

PB104  The Noahide Account:  Interactive Bridging of Heaven & Earth – Part 1

PB105  The Noahide Account :  Interactive Bridging of Heaven & Earth – Part 2

PB106  The Noahide Account :  Interactive Bridging of Heaven & Earth – Part 3

PB107  Noah’s Raven & Dove – Allusions to Messianic Era Transformations

PB108  Noah’s Raven:    Lessons from its Contradictions

PB109  Noah’s Raven – The Foreboding of Israel’s Enemies

PB110  The Echoes of Mashiach in the Flight of Noah’s Dove

PB111  Noah’s Aspirations for his Sons

PB112  Identifying the Archetypical Characters of Noah’s Sons

PB113  The Impact of Noah’s Sons on the Story of Noah

PB114  The Catastrophic Outcome of Noah’s Vineyard

PB115  Cham’s Correction- The Mysterious Servant Tavi

PB116  Eliezer:   From Canaan’s Curse to Blessing

PB117  Yefet:  From Hero to Hellenist?

PB118 – Yerushalyim:  Symbol of the Partnership Between Shem & Avraham

PB119- Return to Eden:  Avraham Assumes his Destiny

PB 120 – Foundations

PB121 – Chashmal:  A Magnificent Apparatus

PB122 – Chashmal & the Garden of Eden

PB 123 – Chashmal & Adam’s Sin

PB124- Consequences:  The Aftermath of Adam’s Sin

PB125- Chashmal – Guardian of Eden

PB126 – Eden’s Aftermath:  Candidates for Correction

PB127 – Noah’s Rainbow & Chashmal – Part 1

PB128- Noah’s Rainbow & Chashmal – Part 2

PB129 – Avraham’s Correction of the 4 Levels of Adam’s Sin

PB130 – The Sun as Symbol in the Story of the Avot – 1

PB131- The Sun as Symbol in the Story of the Avot – 2

PB132 – The Mystery of Avraham’s Precious Stone Necklace

PB133 – Avraham Continues Adam’s Mission

PB134 – Vestiges of Eden: The History of Adam’s Garments

PB135 – Chava’s Correction & the Mystery of the Matriarchs

PB136 – Objective Reparation: Yitzchak’s Affinity to Eisav

PB137- Yaakov’s Blessings:  Adam’s Garments Return Home

PB138- Yaakov’s Exodus: Holiness Enters Darkness

PB139 – Evven Yisrael:  The Prominence of Stones in Yaakov’s Story

PB140 – Evven Sh’tivah:  Yaakov’s Connection to the Foundation Stone 

Vay       Parshat Vayeshev: Yaakov and Yosef: Dealing with Spiritual Exile

Vayishlach:  Modern Lessons for Exile

Jeth      Yitro –  The 7 Attributes of His Soul

AY       The Purpose of Hashem’s Tests: Learning from Akeidat Yitzchak – 9 hours – $32.50 

Sara    The Tragic Circumstances Surrounding Sarah’s Death – 2 tapes – $9.00